Let’s break their isolation, let’s be their bridge to society.

They have left everything – their countries, parents, loved ones – in order to live, or rather… to survive. Without any points of reference, without support and without help, they find themselves like orphans in Paris, with only the clothes on their backs. The streets, hunger and cold are part of their everyday lives. They are refugees, but above all they are men, women and children.

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Since 2016, we have been going out to visit the refugees, getting to know them and listening to their stories. Their needs are huge as they often arrive with nothing, at times not even a coat or shoes to help them fight off the cold of Paris. Among them are some who have been injured during their long journey, others who are sick or simply in need of food.

Our vision is to accompany them and to integrate them within our different communities, through language courses, dance classes, sports, etc. all the while trying to direct them in their administrative or medical processes. 

Langage workshops

Depending on their different levels, we suggest workshops to them where they can learn the language in ways that are adapted to them. 

The Dance group

Integrating them into a french group of dancers in order to enable them to express their feelings as well as make friends. 

Soccer team

Enabling them to let off steam through sports whilst being integrated into teams and organised into clubs. 

Outreach at Rosa Parks

Every week we go to meet families who have just arrived in France. While waiting for accommodation, a small smile accompanied by music and dance bring a little joy and comfort.


From France, and many other countries, volunteers come to give us a hand in our activities and to distribute food.


When families arrive in France, they need guidance to the right organizations to begin their administrative process or find accommodation.

Collecting and distributing

For those on the streets who are in need, we collect and distribute according to their needs. This mostly entails clothes, tents, hygiene products…


We go out to meet them and to invite them to our events so that they can enjoy a moment of dance, theatre, musicals, games or sharing … 


We are aware of the needs that different organisations have in providing lodging for refugees. In response, we are partnering with them to offer our services in accordance with their needs: workshops, outings, events, etc.  

“AtHOME means that to many...they’re like my family.”

-Gadeer, Iraq.

“I don’t feel like a stranger, I think I’m really at home. My heart is calm next to you all.”

-Parisa, Iran.

“AtHOME is one of the Lord's most beautiful gifts and one of the most precious gifts for me It's home for those who don't have a home and without them I am a stranger.”

-Murtada, Kuwait.

“Meeting you is the best thing that has happened to me since coming to France. I’ve learne a lot from you an have unforgettable memories. Thank you for welcoming me, AtHOME.”

– Mona, Egypt.

“I have been in France for 9 months now and you are the only French people that I know.”

– Yassine, du Soudan.

“We wanted to go to England, but now that we know you, we would like to stay in France. You are our family.”

– Mehdi and his wife, Iran.

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