Winter packs distribution

An action to protect the most vulnerable from the cold.

Families with young children, pregnant women, single women, teenagers, single men.

There are many who have arrived in France throughout the year, and after a long and perilous journey, are exhausted by the hardships they face.

It’s difficult for the government to accommodate the waves of incoming vulnerable people, and they find themselves in makeshift camps while waiting to be taken care of.

Winter is a particularly dreadful season for those lacking everything.

Sponsorship options

Whether you’re an individual, business, or association, there’s a sponsorship option for you!

Sponsor a child

Unfortunately, families arriving in France often wait several days, if not weeks, to find accommodation. In the meantime, children find themselves living on the streets in the middle of winter

20 €

Sponsor an Individual

Often, individuals find themselves in the wave of incoming refugees. We often meet minors, pregnant women, single people, and single parents! While waiting to find accommodation, they are living in the streets!

20 €

Sponsor a Family

The families that we meet at Rosa Parks, could be between 3-6 people, sometimes even 8! We will distribute an average of 4 kits per family. 

80 €

Sponsor an Outreach

We visit the families at Rosa Parks each week. Our goal is to give a pack to each person, and we meet around 40 people each week!

800 €

Support the Association!

For each outreach we would love to give food and warm drinks along with the winter packs, as well as offer dorm room accommodations for individuals when there is no room in private homes…naturally, all of these efforts generate additional costs.

Donations are tax deductible for French residents.

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